creative director from
London, UK

slicing beauty in
every moment

Portrait of Alessandro Fantini
Portrait of Alessandro Fantini
Portrait of Alessandro Fantini

A Slice of Life

Alessandro "Alexander" Fantini

Alessandro "Alexander" Fantini, born at a very young age in the romantic streets of Verona (IT), is a master at solving creative riddles while being able to escape the boundaries of the everyday. He also loves pizza (like.. very very very much). With a keen eye for details and a passion for logical and strategic consistency, Alessandro has been reinventing himself throughout the years - always leaving behind the comfort of routines and low-barrier challenges and pursuing new and current avenues of digital and physical creativity. Just like he moved away from his native country to pursue creative excellence, Alessandro has been conquering the world of brand and advertising in London (UK) one brief at a time. He is currently working at TikTok as an Associate Creative Director at the Brand & Creative Studio EMEA.