NYE Burj Khalifa

  • NYE Burj Khalifa

  • NYE Burj Khalifa

  • NYE Burj Khalifa

Brand Film




For this TikTok extravaganza we had a dazzling three-minute visual spectacle displayed on New Year’s Eve at the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Designed to celebrate TikTok’s yearly highlights, the show blended on-brand visuals with live-action, motion graphics and content from creators across various themes like gaming, cooking, sports, tourism and music. Directed by Nic Cornwall and produced by a team of over 20 artists in London, this project effectively encapsulated TikTok’s achievements and brand values - utilizing the Burj Khalifa’s unique façade as an unparalleled canvas for this grand display.


Creative & Art Direction (Brand): Alessandro Fantini

Director: Nic Cornwall

Creative & Production: Conrado Galves at FGreat Studio