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We set out with the aim to inject a surge of vivacity and exuberance into our design system. The hurdle that we faced was in devising a malleable structure that could sustain a potent international brand presence, whilst resonating with the subtleties of local contexts. What materialized was a foundational philosophy that anchored each set of tools and steered the rationale behind our designs. Our purview encompassed an array of elements including the foundational brand elements, colour schemes, typography, principles of motion, an extended colour palette, grid frameworks, brand-centric imagery, dos and donts for video creation and beyond.



Creative Direction: Francis Mekhail & Stacey Dsylva

Creative: Alessandro Fantini

Strategy - Julia Zhou

Design - Joshua Covarubbias

MGFX - Johnny Chiu

Photography - Natalie Matutschovsky + Snog Productions.


Creative Agency: Wolff Olins